Progress & Milestones

A short update.

I have successfully passed the visa interview, which means that I will be going to Clarion with a 100% certainty. On Facebook, I’ve been giving steady updates on my progress, but I wanted to write something a bit more permanent. With the plane tickets bought and the visa secured, I can now say for sure that the whole endeavor has been a huge success. Read More [Clarion Campaign Update] Visa and Rewards

This post has been due for some time, but I do hope you excuse my tardiness as my family is currently grieving the sudden loss of a close relative. The funeral took the momentum out of me, but I do wish to thank you for the support and generosity. I wouldn’t be going to Clarion without you and I can’t find the vocabulary to express my gratitude to all 95 individuals who donated! Read More The Campaign Has Been Funded: Where to Now


Disclaimer: This campaign is incredibly time sensitive, which I why I can’t go for the standard crowdsourcing websites as they take up to 15 days to process funds – way too late for the deadline on the fee. Read More Help Me Attend Clarion UCSD 2014