The Campaign Has Been Funded: Where to Now

This post has been due for some time, but I do hope you excuse my tardiness as my family is currently grieving the sudden loss of a close relative. The funeral took the momentum out of me, but I do wish to thank you for the support and generosity. I wouldn’t be going to Clarion without you and I can’t find the vocabulary to express my gratitude to all 95 individuals who donated!

The campaign didn’t reach its original goal, but it has been sufficient. The workshop fee has been paid. Tickets (I found a killer deal in the last moment) have been reserved and I’m on the road to sorting through the paperwork. What remains to be seen is whether or not I’ll get the coveted Visa. It’s all very frightening when one thing you’re not in control of can potentially snuff out your dream… Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

As for the rewards, I’ll begin emailing people with their rewards starting this week (Wednesday as I have to compile every email in a sheet based on donation groups). Most will be sorted through immediately, but as the files are coming from different places, I don’t have complete control as to when they will be sent to me to redirect your way.

I’ll update this space often on my progress.

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