1. 4/5/2013

    I read Vincent’s Pride series last year. I enjoyed it, but for me it was Kelley Armstrong who introduced me to urban fantasy. And there are so many similarities between the two series. Armstrong has werewolves instead of werecats, and her female wolf is unique rather than rare, but still. Good old fashioned adventure and fun.

    • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o
      Haralambi Markov

      What I subsequently discovered about urban fantasy is that the sexy ‘hidden, insert magical race’ storyline with elements of sexual tension between love interests works only so many times before it wears out. It’s the reason it took me around two years to grow tired of the sub-genre and move to Weird fiction, which doesn’t have this type of problem. I still consider urban fantasy to be incredibly potent, but there’s still this story pattern we see in series after series.

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