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  1. 5/8/2013

    “I guess I find it far sweeter to know I have excellent books yet to read and anticipate what wonders lie between the pages.”

    Tell me about it.
    I discovered Valente very, very late (only last year) with the first Fairyland book but I have been in love with her work ever since. I went on to read the second Fairyland book, then Deathless, a few of her short stories (many of them can be found free online, you should check them out) and am currently reading the second Orphan’s Tales book. I have now reached the point where I would call her my favorite writer. Period.
    On the one hand, I feel like you: The knowledge that I have quite a few of her books and short stories still waiting for me makes me giddy with glee. On the other hand, reading Valente makes everything else seem bland in comparison. I guess it’s the kind of genre reader’s dilemma I can live with.

    P.S.: My signed copy of Six-Gun Snow White arrive last week and I hugged for an entire five minutes. That’s the kind of passion Cat Valente inspires. 🙂

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