1. 1/12/2013

    Good advice. Although I would add that writing isn’t always fun and awesome — sometimes it’s difficult and scary, even painful. But when it gets difficult, I think it often means you’re writing about something really important, or digging deep and exploring areas that are emotionally fraught for you — and sometimes that yields the richest results.

    • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o

      Cheryl, that’s completely true. It often comes down to your readiness to go there and explore. Part of the fear for me comes from the possibility that I might fail, but that’s how writing goes. Thanks for commenting and I hope to see you around.

  2. Well, I mostly write about people shooting zombie dinosaurs in the head, so the amount of deep painful exploration of the human soul I do is… limited. That said, when writing does take you dark places, or even if it’s just a grind (I have plenty of that) then I would again go to the dayjob metaphor. You put your time in every day, whether that days sucks or not, because that’s how you earn your paycheck (paycheck in this case being a book, a book deal, and actual paycheck, or whatever your writing goal actually is). Some days it sucks, but you really do just have to keep at it.

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