1. Poppy Z Brite is one of those authors I just can’t believe isn’t a superstar.

    Totally agree with you on Roy’s God of Small Things, fantastic book. I have a Ligotti graphic novel that is good but I can imagine the stories not working as well in print. Haven’t read anything of his apart from that.

    Oh, and Delany has a writing book called About Writing that I recommend.

    • 14468785_10155275918788275_4846562397247002011_o
      Haralambi Markov

      I actually read About Writing and it was pretty darn amazing. I have to finish writing these posts, but I am so scatterbrained these days.

      Poppy Z Brite, I think, has very niche sensibility in terms of subject matter. All queer voices, grotesque sexual content and mutilation – all of this is not sanitized in any way for it to gain traction among larger audiences.

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