• Innumerable Voices is a monthly column profiling short fiction writers and exploring speculative fiction themes in their many permutations. The column will discuss stellar genre work from both fresh and established writers who don’t have short fiction collections or novel-length works, but who actively contribute to anthologies and magazines.





  • When Raspberries Bloom in August published by Weird Fiction Review, edited by Jeff VanderMeer, August 2015
  • “Holding Hands with Monsters” published in Stories for Chip, edited by Nisi Shawl & Bill Campbell, July 2015
  • “The Language of Knives” published at, February 2015; reprinted in “The Apex Book of World SF” edited by Mahvesh Murad, August 2015; soon to be reprinted in “Wilde Stories 2016”, translated into Spanish at Super Sonic #3, soon to be translated in Italian.

2014 and Before:

  • “The Woman Who Wanted to Play Miss Havisham” published in TIDES OF POSSIBILITY, edited by K.J. Russel, July 2014
  • “The Woman & the Jar of Words” published in TALES OF THE FOX & FAE edited by Adele Wearing, Fox Spirit Books, January 2014
  • “The Fungi That Talk Softly” published in ELECTRIC VELOCIPEDE #27 edited by John Klima, December 2013, now translated in Bulgarian at Сборище на Трубадури.
  • “Pages & Playthings” published in GEEK LOVE edited by Shanna Germain & Janine Ashbless, August 2013; to be reprinted in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA forthcoming in January, 2015
  • “Hurricane Drunk” sold to ARCANE VOLUME II edited by Nathan Shumate, Cold Fusion Media, February 2012; honourable mention for Best Horror vol. 6 edited by Ellen Datlow 2013 
  • “The Tracks that Tower Over Valleys” published in FIRE (electronic chapbook), April 2012.
  • “Cosmic Love” published by World SF Blog, January 24 2012
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